Tips to Choose the Right Bathtub

People spend a lot of time in the toilet. People feel that soaking in the tub can rejuvenate their energy and revive their spirits. No matter the reason, the tub is an important part of any bathroom.

You should consider more than just choosing a solid surface bathtub if you’re building a home or renovating your bathroom. Other than considering which color will match the bathroom’s color, the latest design or manufacturer, there are many other factors that you should consider.

  1. The tub’s size

This is not only important for ensuring that the bathtub fits in the space provided, but also for other reasons. Do you want a one-person tub or a two-person bath? You should remember that a two-person bathtub will use more water than a single-person tub.

The size of the bathtub is dependent on the capacity of your water heater. A bathtub requires at least 65% hot water. Some bathtubs may need 40 gallons of hot water. Think about whether, after supplying 40 gallons of hot hot water, your water heater will still have hot water to heat the rest of the house or enough hot water to heat water for you.

You may need to either choose a smaller tub or upgrade your water heater to provide enough water to make a larger bathtub. An instant water heater can be installed to heat the water supply to the tub.

You should also ensure that the bathtub is large enough to support your neck, back, and head.

  1. Material

The material you choose for your bathtub will depend on many factors, including how frequently you intend to use it, its durability, ease-of-maintenance, and cost.

Fiberglass can be a cost-effective option, but it is not as durable as acrylic or porcelain bathtubs. While marble and wood tubs look great, they require a lot of maintenance and may not last as long. Cast iron tubs are more durable than other materials, but they cost a bit more.



  1. Depth

If you plan to use the bathtub for therapeutic purposes, it is important to know how deep the tub is. Warm baths are a great way to relax and restore energy. A warm bath in the tub can reduce stress levels.

Few people are aware that special tubs can be made for this purpose. Soaking tubs allow you to relax and soak your entire body in comfort, unlike a standard bathtub that only soaks the lower half of your body.

  1. Functionality

The whirlpool tubs look great, but do you plan to use the jets as often as possible? Think about the value of these extra features and how they will impact your water and power consumption.

  1. Features for the elderly and handicapped

Due to the risk of injury, elderly and people with disabilities avoid the standard bathtub. Look for bathtubs with easy-entry and exit features. Grab bars and grab rails are also available to help prevent falls while you soak in your tub. These features should be checked for compliance with the ADA if you are looking for a bathtub.

  1. Design

While most bathtubs are available in white and cream, they can also be ordered in brown, maroon and pink as well as green, blue, and other colors. The most common shapes are rectangular, oval, round and corner. This is important to ensure that the bathtub matches the bathroom’s color scheme. This makes the bathtub more inviting and makes it easier to soak.