Stylish Shoes For Men: 5 Biggest Myths Uncovered

Men’s magazines send out dozens upon dozens of shoes to their readers to review and assess – there are literally thousands.

Myth #1. “Women don’t care that much about clothing. They value their individuality!”

Reality: Women are attracted to your personality. True self-confidence is the best thing. However, women will be turned off by poor dress and style choices. See the difference in women’s eyes when you put on a pair of shoes that are great.

Myth #2. Girls don’t know men’s fashion.

Reality: Guess where the women spend their most time at the store. Comparison, evaluation, and try-on of shoes. You can tell a good from a poor shoe – believe them Dress Shoes for Men.

Myth #3. “Women don’t really mind what shoes they’re wearing.”

Reality: This statement is simply ignorant. Women believe that well-polished shoes mean a man can take his own care. However, this also means that he could care for someone else. If you don’t have women complimenting your stylish shoes on a regular basis, it is time to get a pair.

Myth #4. “Women only care bling bling-cars, expensive accessories etc. I should only buy the flashiest footwear I can.

Reality: Some girls look for all these things but are never satisfied by what they get. These girls are known to be gold-diggers. These people are worth your time. Most women don’t do this. They care more about how the guy looks and dresses.

Myth #5 (I’ll be viewed as gay if I buy expensive shoes)

Reality: To do this you would have shoes that are large in quantity, and with flashy labels and materials. You can also purchase expensive shoes and share the news with everyone. It is a huge turn off for women when a man has more shoes then she does.