Salama Mohamed Stuns In Maldives

Ameri was a publicly traded investor prior to his change to the field of creating content. In October 1st, 2011, he started his YouTube channel, and began posting videos on life and love, as well as family. A content creator from the UAE, Salama Mohamed, has created her own sustainable skincare line, Peacefull. Salama is candid about her battle with Vitiligo which is a skin issue that she has suffered from since a young age. Salama has been vocal about her skin being extremely sensitive many occasions and has aspired to develop a skincare line to treat the skin in all seasons. We learn what we can regarding Peacefull and Salama’s road to becoming a skincare brand’s owner.

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The principal purpose for “Pearls for Purpose” is for the pearls to become an indication of who someone is regardless of what their appearance, or regardless of whether they have moles, scars, or Vitiligo. I would like to help people feel confident at their own skin and confident in their own skin. My latest collection was launched on the 21st of February, and I’m also working on a new collection due out in the near future that’s called “Pearls for purpose”. It’s part of Pearl By S, “Pearls for purpose” is a collection that aims to increase the awareness about Vitiligo and helping young girls and women feel comfortable in their own skin. Therefore, my advice for newly mothers to break and take time for yourself even if it’s only 30 minutes to relax, take a break, watch the latest show, do some meditation and do yoga, and so on. It should be during the daytime, since the evenings are yoursonce you’ve put your children to bedand it’s time for you to relax. which you have to be a little selfish with. If your child is taking nap, make use of this time to relax; If they’re playing, make use of that time to yourself too.

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The small action made me feel confident and at ease with myself. Because her skin is very delicate, Salama Mohamed sought to create an skincare brand that would take proper care of her skin in every season.

Peacefull’s realization was an incredible moment for me. I would like to see others impressed by my story to help them realize their dreams. My wife, Khalid, who has been my biggest fan from the beginning. It’s Khalid as well as my two sisters who have been incredible throughout this journey. I am also thankful to my friends as well as Emirati women generally who have given me a lot of support throughout my journey to becoming an entrepreneur woman. The idea to start my own company was first conceived when I relocated from California. I lived in the state for a few times with my partner Khalid who was enrolled to earn his MBA. When he was studying I was learning with him. He would return home from classes and tell me about what he’d learned and I would meticulously make notes.

The most memorable part in my life is receiving hug and kisses from Khalifa and Abdullah as they get up. My routine of skincare is a source of the energy I need, but it also helps me get an adequate meal in between work and all the meetings that I attend throughout the day. Young Emirati couple has two kids called Abdullah Khalifa and Abdullah Khalifa. They are often interrupted by their videos, which makes their content more entertaining. In order to avoid involving their kids to much with their everyday content, they make sure that their children aren’t the primary feature of the channel since they are keen to maintain their privacy.


Although many makeup and skincare companies are built around highlighting the flaws of the person, and playing up the person’s fears, Mohamed wants to go in a different direction. There is an issue with trying, but not finding the proper products to combat it,” she says. Peacefull was two years in the making was developed after conducting research on active ingredients. The product is developed by Korea by a manufacturing facility which specializes in skincare. There are just three products within the current line, which are designed to repair or repair the barrier to skin most are multi-purpose.

The couple also stands out from other YouTubers because they don’t reveal all of their activities. Although they are famous for their hilarious videos on Instagram their recent collaboration with TikTok has led to them to have their own video shown on the world’s highest tower. With more than 1.2 million users, Khalid announced it on social media , sharing a video which reads “Can’t believe it..

I was enthralled by what I learned and I was determined to create something for myself, something new creative, and ingenuous. We had a discussion with Salama to learn about her on a more personal level, and discover the secrets of her accomplishments as a businesswoman as well as a mother with the hope of inspiring women to chase their goals. That is the ethos that led to Peacefull which is evident in its name.

I employed a temporary goldsmith who helped me for a brief period. For the first three months after launching the business it was hard for me to keep track of my time since I was managing my goldsmith me, my kids, myself and orders, among others. However, I learned lots, particularly the importance of having good time management abilities. And here’s a hint as to how I came up with my own line, I was using the first 100 pearls from my personal collection. His grandfather used to be a professional diver within Abu Dhabi, so the fascination with pearls is a part of my family. I’ve been collecting pearls since I was a kid and have an extensive collection, and a love for pearls.

I’m working to be a role in my community, while giving joy to everyone near me. Global expansion is certainly in the forefront of Peacefull. Expanding into new markets comes with its own set of difficulties since each country has to be given the attention it deserves and have its own approach. In this regard we have an established research-based business, have been dermatologically tested for all types of skin which includes sensitive skin. We are recognized by ESMA which is the most prestigious quality standard in the UAE. Every day I get up and feel blessed to do what I am passionate about.