Remote Control Toys Are For Kids of All Ages

A Remote Control Golf Trolley is a powerful, noiseless and efficient outdoor trolley that is designed to work with a fully functional remote control for your special convenience. If you are tired of carrying your heavy golf bag through the course, then this rolling code transmitter digital remote control golf trolley can now help you to walk freely without the burden of carrying them with you. The only thing you have to do is to set an automatic distant timer in your trolley so that it moves with your golf accessories to about 1 to 30 m automatically. The strong and durable body of the golf trolley is designed with a heavy duty aluminum Alloy S-Frame material that is not only sturdy and powerful but is also incredibly appealing. Due to the integration of independent dual motors that are designed with noise free feature, they offer quite operation and lasts longer.

The new, revolutionary R5 DIGITAL Trolley boasts of a myriad of features that are included to enhance its utility and durability. The multi-function digital remote control of this amazing product offers various noteworthy features such as efficient directional control, automatic as well as manual handling control, timed advance function, soft coating stop functions along with a -Stage Battery Charge Indicator – all of them together offering a full fledged control on your golf trolley with ease and comfort. The product comes with a remarkable battery indicator with LED lights and works with an auto run mode that can move along automatically in 3 choice of distance including 10, 20 and 30 m. you can resume the last speed by pushing the “Go’ button. This feature enables it to pause and resume a pre-selected distance with the remote control. You can direct the trolley to different directions such as left, right, forward, reverse and stop. It offers a long range of up to 150m.