Orlando Vacation Home Vs On-Site Disney World Hotel

Sure, your hotel room may possibly have the newest television next to a tiny couch and pearly white sheets on each of the beds, but is that really on the top of the priority list when it comes to finding a great place to stay? The small square of a room with a small couch that can barely hold all of you at the same time is simply not going to be comfortable. When you rent a home or a villa*, you are automatically guaranteed more space for the kids to run around and have fun in. You will save yourself the headache of feeling cramped and overcrowded and allow for more space to be taken advantage of within the home.

Often times hotels provide the typical mini fridge packed with a total of two water bottles and enough room to fit one of the four take home boxes you just brought back from a restaurant down the street. However, when you decide to rent a home you are given a full kitchen with a stove, oven, and large fridge. Most vacation homes have a laundry room, which is a great thing when you are traveling with kids. Having a kitchen will also save you loads of money

If you are having a hard time deciding whether the first two reasons for staying at a home or villa instead of an onsite Disney World hotel, maybe the price comparison will sway your vote. The price for one room in the most affordable hotel inside Disney is around $85.00. The price for a Vacation Booking unit with a kitchen and a laundry room for one night ranges anywhere between $250-$500. Now, the price for one night of a home or villa nearby all the main attractions can be as low as $100 per night! Plus, when it comes to the hotel/resort rooms, you are going to be tacked on any additional

After thinking, contemplating and researching all of the before mentioned reasons as to why you should or should not rent a home the next time you are in Orlando on vacation, you may very well find that the list of pros far outweighs the list of cons. The cons being that you, of course, cannot walk straight out of your hotel and be a few steps from Disney parks, which is the main reason why people forego the rental homes and villas idea. Another con is that if you do have kids who need to take several breaks during the day of excitement and fun, you will most likely have to take a car that you rented and head back to the home. Though these are often minor and again, make up a shorter list compared to the many pros of renting a home, you will just have to decide for yourselves what the top priorities will need to be.