Email Your Photos With Windows Live Photo Gallery

Yes it is indeed true and there is actually a way for photo lovers to make extra income from those digital photos taken out on picnics, camping, road trips and what have you. Have you ever stopped and wondered where most of the webmasters for example get the photos they use on their sites? Majority of them get them from sites called stock photo sites.

So how does this make you money? We are getting to that part ok…so let’s say you have a hard drive bursting with digital photos you took out on road trips or that lovely holiday you took out in the Bahamas. You can simply from the confines of your home upload these photos to stock photo sites and earn month after month from the downloads. You get paid each time someone downloads your photo from the stock photo sites, and depending on how interesting your photo is you can actually start seeing returns in a matter of days.

It is quite difficult to put a cap on earnings on this one because just like everything else, the more photos you upload the more money you make. It also helps to keep an eye on the type of photos that gets the most download and you can therefore see to capture more of these kinds of photos to upload.

This is a very great method to earn on autopilot as once you have uploaded your photo to these stock photo sites, all you need do is to log in from time to time to check your earnings and simply upload more photos. You do not have to do any promotion whatsoever for your photo to get downloaded as it is all handled by the stock photo sites.

However, a small percentage of your earnings are withheld by the stock photo sites as their own commission. You are made of the amount of commission before hand but it is never too much to take away the profitability of this method. When doing this system think numbers because someone with 10 photos uploaded, cannot expect to earn same amount as one with 100 photos uploaded to the same site. So make your camera your new companion and get as much as photo as you can…upload to stock photo sites and earn month after month.