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Located between the low hills that separate the Mediterranean Sea from La Menor Sea, La Manga Club is an unparalleled sports and recreation complex, only 20 minutes from Murcia airport and one hour from Alicante.

Many tourists worry about their carbon footprint when on their family vacation to Spain. Visitors to La Manga Club in Spain can ensure that these five-star resorts have introduced various environmental policies to reduce their energy consumption and water use. As one of the European Premier Sports Resorts and Lifestyle for almost 40 years, this resort now leads to its environmentally friendly policies. By applying the environmental management plan, La Manga has succeeded in minimizing carbon footprint while maintaining the standard of standard facilities offered. All resort departments work together to allow environmentally friendly resorts.

La Manga Club has a strong solar supply because this area enjoys more than 300 Sunson a year. Between 30 and 40 percent of the energy needed for hot water and heating pools at the Five-star Manga club Principe Felipe Resort is now obtained by solar power which is also a resource for Clubhouse Golf. There are plans to extend the use of solar power in all resorts.

Simple steps, including the introduction of aerators โดจิน on the tap, flow control, and timers have enabled resorts to reduce water consumption in hotels and Mandiri Lomas Village accommodation served completely by 60 percent. Seventy percent of the water used in maintaining the La Manga club three golf course championships, eight fields of sports international standards and many of their gardens are recycled water provided by wastewater treatment plants.

Covering an area of ​​around 1400 hectares, La Manga Club offers a stunning five star hotel, a luxury holiday apartment and spacious sports facilities, including three Championship golf courses, twenty-eight field tennis centers and eight grass sports pitches. The resort also has many recreation facilities, including La Manga Club spa with 13 luxury treatments, a comprehensive fitness center and indoor pool, more than twenty restaurants and bars, and meeting facilities and benches.

La Manga Club has held many major sporting events including the Davis Tennis match and the Fed Cup, Spanish Open Golf Championship and is a regular host for international football teams, rugby, and Cricket who come to the resort to use rounds in all training classes. facility.

This resort is a supporter of women’s golf women and now is the official official resort partner of the British Women’s Golf Association and is in the second year of a three-year agreement to accommodate European European tour qualifying schools. La Manga Club is also a place for Murcia Open and regularly holds the top amateur women’s events and teams.

If you are looking for a perfect resort with excellent sports and recreation facilities on your direct vacation to Spain then you should not be seen from La Manga Club.