Do I Need a Permit to Build a Storage Shed?

Building Permit - City of Rocklin

There are quiet a few issues that might prop up regarding building permits for a home owner who is renovating or constructing his/her home. The factors that need attention when on a construction spree may include the cost of a building permit, the modifications required to be done as per building by laws, and all the hassles involved in applying and acquiring the various permits.

Permits have to be obtained for any construction related work regulated by building code of a particular county. For example Nassau County Building Department is now enforcing the 2007 Florida Building Code. Like wise every county has it’s set of building codes that homeowners have to strictly abide by.

The building department of every county in US have certain duties to perform. Their primary duties include reviews and approval of plans, issuing permits for residential and commercial construction, and performing varied inspections relating to building, plumbing, mechanical, & electrical works.

When constructing a house or an office there permis de construire maison are certain trade permits that owner of buildings have to obtain for projects undertaken. Plumbing Permits have to be obtained for different plumbing works like installation, construction, repairing or replacing rainwater piping, and subsurface drainage piping. Plumbing Permits are required for replacing water heaters, & underground pipes, or for altering piping inside a wall or ceiling.

In certain cases a property owner is not required to obtain a plumbing permit. There can be some minor repairs that are needed which doesn’t alter the plumbing system much. All such minor repairs like replacement or maintenance of existing accessible fixtures, parts, or appliances etc. do not require a plumbing permit. Even when a property owner performs emergency repairs or replacement of leaked pipes concealed under walls or ceilings no permit needs to be obtained.

At this point one factor that the property owner has to be particular about is that the new piping must not exceed the permitted length of 5 feet. But, if any property owner wishes to make alterations to an existing plumbing system that cannot be done without a valid permit for the same.

Permits are basically required for doing any type of construction or repair activity because they ensure the health and safety of people living in that particular county, town city, be it Nassau County or New York County or any other. Safety is the primary concern behind obtaining a construction permit.