Best Camera Deals – vivo v15 pro

Vivo V15 Pro really is the latest smartphone released by the Vivo brand this season. The handset comes loaded with a stunning FHD+ Ultra HD Super AMOLED screen and is further backed by a 2,040mAh battery. Vivo V15 Pro also has an impressively large amount of memory space, which ensures that you can keep plenty of apps and data on board.

The main highlight of the vivo v15 pro would have to be its sleek and stylish look. It has a body which is completely flat and smooth on all sides. The rear surface of the phone is made from a fine silver metal, and the entire handset is protected by what looks like a metallic bubble. In terms of connectivity, you can connect the smart phone to a PC or even a laptop through a USB port. The vivo v15 are also comes along with a huge selection of music apps, with plenty of space for additional storage.

The other highlight of the vivo v15 pro vivo v15 pro would have to be its rear camera. This is one of the main drawbacks of this phone. On paper, the rear camera of the phone is very poor compared to those on high end smartphones. However, in reality, the photography on the rear camera of the vivo v15 pro is surprisingly good. So, if you plan on taking a lot of photographs, then you could always settle for the higher priced models.

The two physical features of the vivo v15 pro that make it so special are its slim design and the rear camera. The phone’s thin body not only looks great but also gives a sense of elegance. Despite its thin look, the device weighs in at just over two hundred and fifty grams. Its slightly larger frame can be seen when the rear light is turned on. The battery size is also larger than many smartphones, which might prove to be a disadvantage in the long run as the battery life is not able to last long enough to cover all of your needs.

The two icons on the phone’s home screen are divided by a smooth border. The right icon has a shortcut to Google Now while the left one displays the weather forecast. Both of these icons can be quickly accessed with a simple tap as long as you remember to always touch the small one before the big one. The built-in manager and the Google Now app give this device a nice interface. With the help of the free Google Play app, you can also enjoy fun touches from Google.

One of the highlights of the vivo v15 pro is its ability to take fun selfies even in the low light situation. There are two different shutter speeds, which can be customized according to your preference. You can also set the mode to portrait mode, which makes it suitable for taking group photos. The two touch keys at the bottom can be used to take a funny or a serious picture and even the on screen buttons can be pressed for a faster action.